Source code for icet.core.neighbor_list

This module provides a Python interface to the NeighborList class
with supplementary functions.

from _icet import NeighborList
from ase import Atoms
from .structure import Structure

[docs]def get_neighbor_lists(atoms, cutoffs=None): """ Returns list of icet neighbor lists from a configuration and cutoffs. Parameters ---------- atoms : ASE Atoms object / icet Structure object (bi-optional) atomic configuration cutoffs: positive floats indicating the cutoffs for the various clusters Returns ------- list of NeighborList objects """ # deal with different types of structure objects if isinstance(atoms, Atoms): structure = Structure.from_atoms(atoms) elif isinstance(atoms, Structure): structure = atoms else: msg = ['Unknown structure format'] msg += ['{} (ClusterSpace)'.format(type(atoms))] raise Exception(' '.join(msg)) neighbor_lists = [] if cutoffs is None: raise Exception('Both n and cutoffs is None in count clusters') else: for cutoff in cutoffs: nl = NeighborList(cutoff) neighbor_lists.append(nl) # build the neighbor_lists for nl in neighbor_lists: return neighbor_lists