Source code for icet.core.orbit_list

This module provides the OrbitList class.

from typing import List

import numpy as np

from _icet import _OrbitList
from ase import Atoms
from icet.core.local_orbit_list_generator import LocalOrbitListGenerator
from icet.core.neighbor_list import get_neighbor_lists
from icet.core.permutation_matrix import (_get_lattice_site_permutation_matrix,
from icet.core.structure import Structure
from import logger

logger = logger.getChild('orbit_list')

[docs]class OrbitList(_OrbitList): """ The orbit list object handles an internal list of orbits. An orbit has a list of equivalent sites with the restriction that at least one site is in the cell of the primitive structure. Parameters ---------- structure : Atoms This structure will be used to construct a primitive structure on which all the lattice sites in the orbits are based. cutoffs : list of float the i-th element of this list is the cutoff for orbits with order i+2 """ def __init__(self, structure_in, cutoffs): if isinstance(structure_in, Structure): structure_in = structure_in.to_structure() structure = structure_in.copy() structure.wrap() max_cutoff = np.max(cutoffs) # Set up a permutation matrix permutation_matrix, prim_structure, _ \ = permutation_matrix_from_structure(structure, max_cutoff, find_prim=False)'Done getting permutation_matrix.') # Get a list of neighbor-lists neighbor_lists = get_neighbor_lists(prim_structure, cutoffs)'Done getting neighbor lists.') # Transform permutation_matrix to be in lattice site format pm_lattice_sites \ = _get_lattice_site_permutation_matrix(prim_structure, permutation_matrix, prune=True)'Transformation of permutation matrix to lattice neighbor' 'format completed.') _OrbitList.__init__(self, prim_structure, pm_lattice_sites, neighbor_lists) self.sort()'Finished construction of orbit list.') @property def primitive_structure(self): """ Returns the primitive structure to which the lattice sites in the orbits are referenced to. """ return self._primitive_structure.copy() def __str__(self): """String representation.""" nice_str = 'Number of orbits: {}'.format(len(self)) for i, orbit in enumerate(self.orbits): cluster_str = self.orbits[i].representative_cluster.__str__() nice_str += "\norbit {} - Multiplicity {} - Cluster: {}".format( i, len(orbit), cluster_str) return nice_str
[docs] def get_supercell_orbit_list(self, structure: Atoms): """ Returns an orbit list for a supercell structure. Parameters ---------- structure supercell atomic structure Returns ------- An OrbitList object """ log = LocalOrbitListGenerator(self, Structure.from_atoms(structure)) supercell_orbit_list = log.generate_full_orbit_list() return supercell_orbit_list
[docs] def remove_inactive_orbits(self, allowed_species: List[List[str]]) -> None: """ Removes orbits with inactive sites. Parameters ---------- allowed_species the list of allowed species on each site in the primitive structure """ prim_structure = self.get_primitive_structure() number_of_allowed_species = [len(sym) for sym in allowed_species] prim_structure.set_number_of_allowed_species(number_of_allowed_species) self._remove_inactive_orbits(prim_structure)